What Are One Hour Crowns and Are They Always the Best Option?


If you need a new crown, then you will probably want to get the work completed as quickly as possible. This is why one-hour crowns are becoming an increasingly popular choice. With this option, you can visit your dentist to have your tooth prepared and your new crown made and fitted, all while you wait. It's easy to see why this is so appealing.

Eliminating the need for a second appointment helps to save time which is increasingly important with today's busy lifestyles. Additionally, there is no need to have a temporary crown. This goes even though dentists take care to make sure temporary crowns look as good as possible, they are never going to be as cosmetically appealing. They won't be as strong and stable as a more permanent restoration.

So, what is a one-hour crown and how does this technology work?

Taking a Closer Look at One Hour Crowns

In order to fabricate a one-hour crown, dentists use the very latest CADCAM technology to custom design and make your precision fitted crown. This crown can be made within a very short while. There is no need to worry that it compromises in any way on the quality, strength, and appearance of the restoration. One hour crowns are extremely high quality and are fabricated from high-tech ceramics.

The fact that they are computer designed and made ensures the fit of the crown is incredibly accurate. This is important as a tight seal around the margin of the crown is essential for sealing out bacteria and for protecting and preserving the tooth underneath.

The Procedure for Having a One-Hour Crown

As with any type of dental procedure, it's your dentist's priority to make sure you are completely comfortable during treatment. They will also prepare your tooth under local anesthetic. The first step of your treatment is for your dentist to prepare your tooth by carefully removing all damaged portions of the tooth structure. Then he/she will shape the tooth to make sure your new crown will look and feel extremely natural and lifelike.

If you have had a crown in the past then you will almost certainly be familiar with the concept of dental impressions. This is where a tray of impression material is placed over the prepared tooth and is left to set for several minutes. 

No Need for Dental Impressions

With a one-hour crown, treatment is quite different and there is no need for a dental impression. Instead of taking an impression, your crown is digitally scanned. This is a procedure that is quick and comfortable, particularly if you have a strong gag reflex and struggle with having conventional dental impressions. The information collected during the scan is transmitted to a computer and your dentist will use specialized software to design your crown.

The next step is to select a block of pre-shaded porcelain that will closely match the rest of your natural teeth. These porcelain blocks come in an amazing range of different shades. The design is then sent to an on-site milling machine. This will mill your crown from the selected block of porcelain, all while you relax in your dentist's comfortable dental office. Once the crown is milled, it will be hand finished and glazed or polished to make it look even better.

Once your dentist is completely happy with the crown, it will be fitted in your mouth before being permanently cemented in place. That's all that is required for this treatment.

The Advantage of Choosing a One-Hour Crown

There are several clear advantages to choosing this treatment which include:

• There is no need for a second appointment

• No need for a temporary crown

• There's no need for a dental impression

• One hour crowns are precision made, providing an excellent fit and great aesthetics

• Being able to get a crown in a hurry, perhaps if you have a special event coming up

Dentists know that some people may be concerned that one-hour crowns won't look quite as good as crowns made in a conventional manner. However, this isn't the case as dentists only use these types of crowns in specific situations. Each crown is custom-designed to be fully functional and to provide excellent aesthetics. These crowns are also extremely hard wearing as the ceramic material used to make them is very strong.

One hour crowns can provide long-lasting results and for many people will be the ideal solution.

When are Conventionally Made Crowns a Better Choice?

One-hour crowns are often a very good option, particularly when only one or two crowns are required. A dentist will always suggest this choice if they feel it will provide you with the very best results. Otherwise, they may still suggest more conventionally made crowns. Even though these crowns will take a week or two to fabricate, they can sometimes provide better aesthetics.

Particularly if your natural teeth contain many different shades and colors or have particular characteristics that need to be replicated in your new crown. Dentists' skilled technicians in their on-site laboratory are able to use a combination of different shades of porcelains combined with advanced techniques. This is to recreate these characteristics in your new crown. Dentists are also extremely experienced in making multiple crowns for larger smile makeovers.

They use specialized layering techniques to slowly build up the colors and translucencies found in natural teeth using the most sophisticated porcelains available.

How Will I Know Which Choice Is Best for Me?

There is no need to worry as your highly experienced dentist will guide you through the entire process. When you visit your dentist, he/she will discuss all available options with you. You will have all the knowledge required to make a fully informed choice. Your dentist will make sure you understand each procedure, the advantages and disadvantages of every option as well as the costs and time required.

No matter which treatment you choose, dentists want you to be completely happy with your choice and with the results provided. Dentists absolutely encourage questions so please don't be afraid to ask your dentist anything about your dental care.